Fuck Yeah Sukeban

Sep 16
Sep 15

Matsui Jurina   20140915


Matsui Jurina   20140915

Sep 13


"Bitch, what did you just say about my hair? Prepare to die!"

Pastel Sukeban girls photoshoot!!!

Photography and retouching by nomnomcatcakes

Models/hair/makeup: iamkittyraah and anemia

Sep 11


Channel B with a special on スケバン刑事Ⅲ vs. セーラ-服反逆同盟.

BOMB! ボム! 1987/2 (whole issue can be downloaded here)

Sep 10


Ryuko does not wear a regular Stadium jacket. What she is wearing is a Sukajan (スカジャン) Jacket.

Sukajan jackets were once worn by juvenile delinquents, yakuza, and rebellious youth. That association still exists today but to a lesser degree than in the past.

These are often made of shiny material with intricate embroidery on the front and back. In Sushio’s early sketch for Ryuko, she was supposed to have a dragon embroidered on the back of her jacket, which is a popular design for Sukajan. The Ryuko Cospa Jacket which was worn by Sushio and Ami Koshimizu is also made of a shiny material similar to a Sukajan jacket.

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Sep 06

favourite akb48 conceptsmotorgirls

Aug 28


 Koyanagi Tomoe (Steam Girls)

Aug 27


I gathered these from about 3-4  different issues to do a collective spam of our favorite ageha models in bousouzoku!